Ian Bell “Live at the Wrigley” new CD


live at the wrigley_front cover_black text
Sorry it’s been a while since we last contacted you. We have been real busy playing shows and mixing / mastering the latest live album – Ian Bell : Live at The Wrigley
The digital only release date is set for April the 11th 2014.
So you can download it RIGHT NOW at:
iTunes – Ian Bell : Live at The Wrigley
cdbaby – Ian Bell : Live at The Wrigley
Lastly, don’t forget to come see Ian perform April 12th at The Crepe place at 9:00 (Come early if you want to get in).
More info at – The Crepe Place
Check out our latest press release about the new album
Live at the Wrigley, available April 11, showcases Bell’s tastefully-understated guitar style, expressive lyrics, and dynamic singing.
(Santa Cruz, Ca.) A singer-songwriter with a poet’s heart and a workingman’s delivery, Ian Bell has been making a splash as of late in the Bay Area, including a performance at the recent Ted Holladay Roast and an appearance on KSCO radio. His new, digital-only album, titled Live at the Wrigley, sees Bell in top-form as he showcases his tastefully-understated guitar style, expressive lyrics, and dynamic singing.
Mixed and mastered at GadgetboxLive at the Wrigley balances Bell’s storytelling ability with his stark instrumentation, leaving plenty of room for the songs to move and breathe. On the album, he navigates skillfully through the emotional and metaphorical landscapes of love, longing and home. 
A product of Santa Cruz by-way-of London, Bell draws inspiration  from the likes of Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, there is something extraordinary in the way he crafts layered and timeless songs, with minimal instrumentation, using the ebb and flow of his voice which ranges from whispered confessions to room-filling proclamations. His traveling-light aesthetic allows Bell to play venues that larger acts couldn’t including warehouses, art studios, movie theaters, and coworking spaces.
Now managed by Matthew Swinnerton of Event Santa Cruz, Bell is well-positioned to make a unique musical mark on Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and beyond.
His next performance is on April 12 at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, Ca.
Management / Booking / Info:
Matthew Swinnerton

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